Administrative Board

Administrative Board

Jabr Muhammad Mansi Abu Faris

Union President

House Name: Al Moataz House for Publishing and Distribution


Location: Amman - University of Jordan Street - opposite the door of the Faculty of Agriculture

Ghassan Mohammed Hassan Hussein

Vice President of the Union

House Name: Ghaida House for Publishing and Distribution


Location: Jordan - Amman - Queen Rania Al Abdullah Street - opposite the door of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Jordan

Fax: 06-5353402

Ibrahim Mohammed Suleiman Al-Qadi

Union Secretary

House Name: Preservation of the Holy Quran Association

06 4628333

Location: Jabal Al-Hussein - Galilee Street Building 36

Fax: 06 4628333

Mohamed Sobhi Mohamed Ismail

Union treasurer

House Name: Modern Book World House for Publishing and Distribution​


Location: Irbid - University Street - opposite Western Coffee - next to the Islamic Bank

Fax: 02-7269909

Samir Mahmoud Mustafa Alawneh

First Member

House Name: Gulf House for Publishing and Distribution


Location: Al-Abdali - Chicago Mall - 2nd floor

Fax: 02-4647559

Wael Mohammad eid abdrbo

Second Member

House Name: Dar Yafa for Publishing and Distribution

Location: Jordan - Amman -

Eng. Hasan Adnan Hasan Saleh


House Name:


Location: Jordan - Amman - Alabdali - inside Islamic hospital

Fax: 02-4647559 06-5331289