Suites and payment of fees

Suites and payment of fees

The Amman International Book Fair (21)
From 1/9/2022 to10/9/2022
At the Jordan International Exhibition Center - Mecca Mall

The exhibition consists of a minimum space of 12 square meters of stand
Subscription fees for publishers, universities, associations and unions are (150) one hundred ten dollars.

Subscription fees for governmental and official institutions and companies (200) two hundred(US dollars) .
The areas of the suites are available: 12 square meters, 18 square meters, 24 square meters, 27 square meters, and 36 square meters, and if the house wants to share an area
Larger, the request is sent indicating the required space, and the exhibition management may increase or decrease the space
According to the engineering scheme.
Approvals are sent to publishing houses starting from 15/7/2022, and the approved publishing houses must pay 50% of the
The subscription fee is no later than 1/7/2022, 
Checks are issued in the name of Jordanian Publishers Association
Transfers are sent to the union account as follows, and a copy of the transfer is sent as soon as it is sent:
Dollar account

1010001464510 :Account Number

IBAN NO: JO39IIBA1010000001010001464510


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