• Union defends the interests of Jordanian publishers

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  • Raise the level of the publishing industry and the distribution profession

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  • Promote respect for rights related to publishing, distribution and authoring

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Union of Jordanian Publishers

In early 1989, a number of Jordanian publishers called for the establishment of a union that would defend their interests and raise the level of the publishing industry and the profession of distribution. After lengthy meetings, the founders came up with a statute that they submitted for approval to the Ministry of Interior. Establishment “until the approval of His Excellency the Minister of Culture, according to his letter No. S / 6/1969, dated 6/14/1993 AD, to register the federation as a cultural association under the Law of Associations and Charitable Organizations No. 33 of 1966, under No. 109.

The first basic system was implemented until the extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly on 11/30/1995 AD, when the General Assembly approved substantial amendments to the system, and His Excellency the Minister of Culture approved it in his letter No. 68/2/1614, dated 6/14/1996 AD, and it became effective from Its history.


Cultural Illuminations

Copyright infringement case

Today, a letter from the Administrative Board of the Jordanian Publishers Union represented by its Chairman, Mr. Jaber Abu Faris, was sent to His Excellency the Minister of Culture

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